SMARTS is a proven comprehensive community bank sales tracking system that guides and manages internal sales from start to finish. It increases profits by integrating employees’ sales strategies into their daily routine. It provides bank leadership with real time data that tracks referrals and results and evaluates sales strategies.

SMARTS offers comprehensive and customized sales training that establishes and reinforces a successful “sales culture” and helps grow profitable customer relationships.

The bank sales tracking system is above all else simple to use. Easy to read computer screens make data entry and evaluation problem free. Just as SMARTS training can be tailored to fit a bank’s needs, so can its reporting be designed to reflect a bank’s own strategies, products, organizational requirements and specifications.

SMARTS is a sales management and relationship tracking software that helps banks make the most of the resources available to them. It offers direction, training, tracking, and reporting that maximizes the technical and human resources the bank already has at its’ disposal.

The sales and management system decreases costs by cutting out wasted paper and labor intensive tracking and reporting while providing front line employees with a reliable, east to use, incentive based referral system that is custom designed to sell the bank’s products and improve business.