SMARTS is more than processing software; SMARTS is a sales referral and tracking software especially noted for having sales tools that work. Included is a dynamic Top Ten Report that directs new business efforts for bank branches and departments. SMARTS focuses on increasing internal and external business through superior customer service.

Active employee prospecting is encouraged by initial and on-going training. Convenience is the key to its training modules and they can be accessed anytime at an employees’ desk. The tracking system includes both sales training and sales planning that helps employees meet their performance goals.

SMARTS is unique in that it is personalized according to the bank’s individual needs and sales strategies. .It offers incentive options or points structured by the bank. A coffee shop graph encourages team activities and can be updated daily by branches and departments.

Follow-up appointments are scheduled through a sales calendar. Daily reports and graphs are used to assist in evaluating branch and employee performances. Referral sources such as those made by directors, customers and referral programs can be tracked. Referrals, sales, and sales dollars can be continuously monitored by employees, branches and top management.

More Features and Benefits:

  • Sources of funds can be tracked on each individual sale.
  • Birthday and customer greetings can be sent to prospects.
  • Employee and branch performance can be easily monitored.
  • Sales, appointments and cross-sell ratios are recorded.
  • Business development calls and activities are easily managed.
  • Secondary products can be selected and cross-sold.
  • All employee referral and sales activities can be tracked through the sales management system.
  • Employee customer service and sales skills can be significantly improved.
  • Word of Mouth marketing efforts can be organized and implemented.