"SMARTS is an automated process that you can personalize for your bank. It is flexible to work with and administer."

"Automate your time-consuming and error-prone manual process with SMARTS."

"You can tailor the "tools" in SMARTS to create a dynamic and pro-active system that will increase your bottom-line income."

The SMARTS system converts a paper environment to a paperless environment, leveraging employee access and use of the system to provide tracking and reporting of referral and sales incentive programs, while removing the burden bank management faces when trying to manually track and report referral and incentive programs.

Any employee can look up their personal performance on referrals and incentives. Target and goal options can be selected by the bank.

You can customize the SMARTS system, so that it can implement the management of referral and sales incentive programs that mirror the culture and philosophy of your financial institution with respect to customer relationship management?

The financial institutions cost of SMARTS will be repaid through increased revenue within 90 days of implementing the SMARTS system.