SMARTS was formed to provide a total sales system to community banks. For 8 years SMARTS has provided the "right tools" for financial institutions that are improving their "New Business" efforts.

SMARTS is a team of former community bankers that have more than 72 years of banking experience. We have created and managed relationships with more than 600 community banks on varied banking products and services. We make available the time-tested "New Business" solutions that actually work. Our experience is complemented by continuously studying and learning from successfully performing sales banks. Then, as the administrator of the process, you can personalize the features that fit your bank.

Our relationship with the bank is an ongoing one as we share and consult with the bank on ways to fully utilize the benefits of SMARTS.

We meet with management and provide training and strategic assistance as needed by the bank.

We continuously evaluate, update, and improve SMARTS where it is a very, very effective sales process for increasing your "New Business" and profitability.

SMARTS enjoys strategic alliances and relationships with companies, associations, and individuals that help improve the "New Business" performance of financial institutions.